Trip to Tuscany, Italy – June 2013

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Leave fast food and hectic life styles behind. Embrace the CittaSlow Movement flourishing in Tuscany. This new tempo took root in old Italy where traditional ways of eating, drinking and celebrating is an art in itself… “La Dolce Vita!” Feel the rhythm of your heart’s joy.

Meet lovely locals who rejected the “rat-race” in favor of cultivating their land and their lives with a slow hand. Experience life anew at villas and vineyards where people spend “a half day preparing great food and the other half eating it!”

Savor wines from local vineyards.

Slow down and live it up!



Slow Travel to Tuscany brings together a unique energetic mix of expertise from three joyful escorts eager to share their individual talents and their passion for the life enhancing aspects of Slow Travel:

  • Ellen Kamerling, artist, President of Art World Excursions LLC and Art Encounter Travel Director
  • Janise Witt, professional photographer of earth’s family, bounty and celebrations and avid hiker 
  • Sybil Larney, certified Shiatsu massage practitioner and Arizona School of Integrative Studies teacher 

Download a complete copy of the Brochure here!

Come join us!



About the Author

Sybil is an AOBTA C.P. (Certified Practitioner) using Zen Shiatsu techniques. Sybil's 15 years of study in the Ancient Chinese Five Element Theory is the cornerstone to her energy and healing work. Her personal experience as both student and teacher coupled with her keen sensitivity and perception supports her skills in sharing the philosophy and techniques of Shiatsu with others. She teaches Zen Imagery stretching and floor-futon style Shiatsu at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies. She has studied with Sensei Waturo Ohashi, founder of the Ohashiatsu Institute in New York with branches throughout the world. She is a graduate of the Institute. She has also studied with Matthew Sweigart, teacher and author of "Touching Ki" and her studies include workshops with Dianne Connelly, author of the "the Law of Five Elements. Sybil's rich variety of life experience in the Education, Fine Arts, Reiki, Jin Shin Jystsu and meditation enhance her work on the creative level.

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