Visit Tuscany, Italy With Sybil And Friends

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Sybil Larney will be joining three other leaders in an upcoming trip to Italy.  Here you can learn about Slooow Travel Tuscany, the adventure co-created by Janise, Ellen and Sybil to “slow down and live it up!”

EllenLookingTheir unique journey is planned to coincide with the Summer Solstice and full moon, June 19-29, 2013.  This is truly a journey of the heart and senses, for those who want to indulge their artistic unfolding and for those who want to live their life in a more creative way. The tour design has been developed by experienced tour director Ellen Kamerling.

SybLookingEach day begins with Sybil’s zen stretching class and a guided hike, photography excursion meandering through the Etruscan hills, vineyards, farms and glorious countryside – for when all our senses are fully engaged, we create richly exquisite images.  As well, we’ll be enjoying outings to nearby Agriturismos dedicated to the CittaSlow Movement.  The trip begins in Florence and takes you off the beaten path through the Tuscan countryside.  We’ll stay in charming small villas, meeting and getting to know the locals who cultivate their land and lives with a slow hand – where every day is cause for celebration of life.  Cooking classes, convivial dinners ad occasional evening soirees round out the day.

Afternoons allow for leisure time, swimming, reading, horseback riding or tailored art and photography experience. You may want to schedule a Shiatsu massage with our gifted Sybil.

JaniseSmilingPerhaps, you may want to schedule additional time with Sedona-based professional photographer Janise Witt to embrace  your love of photography.  Her extensive body of work over the last 18 years has emphasized people and our environment. Yet, each assignment is viewed as a new and unique experience, because each person, family or organization has a special personality, which needs to shine. She shares her wonderful attitude when she works and creates with students of all levels.

PaintingIn the afternoons you might try your  hand at plein air painting or sketching with feature guest Carolyn Ensley, well known Sedona artist and instructor. Carolyn’s curiosity about ancient cultures led her to study goldsmithing and encaustics, originally developed by the Etruscans who lived in what is now Tuscany.  She will be available most afternoons to help people who feel compelled to express themselves artistically in a heartfelt way.


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  1. Therapist
    Therapist  January 31, 2013

    Guests have begun to sign up to travel with us. We are delighted and eager to share the experience. Please check out the brochure and see if this unique trip is a fit for your 2013 calendar.


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