December 8th Training: Stretching – Partner Style

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Sybil will be giving a training from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 8th, 2012. It will be at the ASIS Clarkdale/Sedona location.

Discover a simple and powerful series of stretches to enliven and restore your energy head to toe. Become acquainted with the philosophy and natural beauty of the Chinese Five Element Theory. Gain a deeper understanding of your own body/mind energetic balance. Identify your personal strengths and vulnerable areas through the exploration of meridians (pathways of energy-chi) and experience your body as a living sensation. Learn how to use your breathing to release stagnation opening the meridians corresponding to organ systems and disperse and tonify your energy. These stretches provide an essential restorative tool for body workers, massage therapists, chiro- practors and all individuals interested in a joyful way to recharge your spirit and body.
Bring new energy to your private practice and to your daily lifes events. HAVE FUN.. as you take the day learning to give & receive support with simple body move- ments while stretching! Using the Ancient Chinese Five Element Theory of Yin/Yang energy pathways (meridians), we will learn to activate & maximize our own powerful Chi.

Enjoy the discovery & benefits of stretching with another person&discover the double boost of strength and joy available to all of our organ systems.

Sybil Larney’s 15 years of study in the Ancient Chinese Five Element Theory facilitates communication and understanding of the bridge between Western and Eastern thought on energy work and self healing. Her experience as both student and teacher coupled with her keen sensitivity and perception supports her skills in sharing the philosophy and techniques of Shiatsu with others. Sybil has studied with Sensei Waturo Ohashi, founder of the Ohashi Institute, and Diane Connelly, author of “The Law of the Five Elements” and Matthew Sweigart author of “Touching Chi”. Sybil is a graduate of the Ohashi Institute. Sybil’s rich variety of life experience in Education, Fine Arts, Reiki, Jin Shin Jytsu and meditation enhances her work on the creative.

$125 CEU’s 6
Early registration if paid by Nov 8th $95
To register call (928) 639 3455 or (866) 334 3345


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